Sunday, January 01, 2006

The God's Story Project

We know from the Scriptures that there will come a time when EVERY knee shall bow and EVERY tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. This not only includes those that profess Christ in this life but those that rejected him in their earthly life. What a tragedy to be in the latter group.

The term "every tongue" also has other implications. It's significant that each person in the crowd that was present at Pentecost heard the disciples speaking in their own tongue. God is just as interested today in having the peoples of the earth hear about Him in their first language. A person's first language is the language of their heart.

Tremendous efforts are ongoing to translate the Bible into languages where no Bible previously existed. But, it's a very time consuming job. It takes years and years to just translate a New Testament. Very often the Old Testament is never completed.

This leaves people in the position of having to pick up the story of Jesus in the middle-- without the context of the beginning of the story... Why we need a Saviour.

For this reason, many missionaries are turning their attention to using the fact that most people groups of the world rely on oral traditions and histories rather than written documents. While 'Orality' should not and can not take the place of a definitive Biblical translation, it can help to reach those that might not have been reached while these translations are being prepared.

The God's Story Project is a wonderful, low-cost tool for reaching new people groups with the Gospel of Christ. The God's Story video presents the story of Jesus Christ from Genesis to Revelation in an illustrated form. There are no lip sync issues with lining up the narrative with the illustrations. This means that creating a new translation can be done relatively easily and inexpensively by missionaries or national pastors in the fields for which it is intended.

When completed, the videos can be distributed by the hundreds and thousands to those already having DVD or VideoCD players. Or, the video can be carried into the field in a special backpack which includes a portable DVD player that can recharged with solar power. The latter configuration has been especially successful in carrying the Gospel to those living in difficult areas where Christians are persecuted or killed.

You can listen to the God's Story narrative in a variety of languages on the God's Story Project web site.


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